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Connecticut Marijuana

Connecticut Marijuana Laws

Use of weed or pot is gaining popularity as states across the country are relaxing the penalties for possession of marijuana. Before you light up, be sure you understand Connecticut’s marijuana laws, and what could happen if you are convicted. Is M… Read More
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Categories: Drug Charges
Reckless driving

What Does it Mean to Be Charged With Reckless Endangerment?

When one night’s bad decisions or a heated household dispute results in a criminal case, you might find reckless endangerment charges added into your case. This misdemeanor can sometimes be easy for police and prosecutors to charge and prove, but i… Read More
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Categories: Criminal Defense
officer posting a notice on a front door

Understanding Search and Arrest Warrants

You don’t have to be a criminal law expert to know that police “need a warrant” when interacting with people they suspect of committing crimes. TV shows, movies, and the news all talk about police getting warrants as a key part of the investiga… Read More
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Categories: Criminal Defense
person in handcuffs

Mandatory Arrest Laws in Domestic Violence Cases

When household fights get heated, there is a chance that a disagreement will cross the line into domestic violence. If the police are called in response to a domestic disturbance, someone will go to jail. Connecticut’s mandatory arrest laws mean it… Read More
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Categories: Domestic Violence
Woman slips and falls on ice

Slip and Fall Cases in the Winter Season

Winter is in full swing in New England. That means the weather outside isn’t just frightful, it’s dangerous. If you slip and fall during this winter season, you need to know whether you can file a premises liability claim to be compensated for yo… Read More
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Categories: Premises Liability
Speaking with an attorney

A Guide to Connecticut Assault Charges

A disagreement can get out of hand quickly. A drunk driving accident can lead to criminal consequences. If there has been a fight or an accident and you find yourself facing Connecticut assault charges, you need answers now. Find out what the charges… Read More
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Categories: Criminal Defense
Judges Gavel

How to Prepare for Your Court Appearance

If this is your first court appearance, especially in a criminal case, you may be nervous about where to go, what to do, and how to behave in court. Here are some tips on how to impress the judge in court, and what you can do to help put on your stro… Read More
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police officer speaking to a woman

How To Handle a Police Encounter

Every police encounter is always nerve-wracking. Even if you don’t think you did anything wrong, it can be hard to tell what cops can and can’t do while talking to you. Find out how to deal with police officers, and what to do if the police are l… Read More
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hand on bible in court

Testifying in Court in Your Criminal Defense Case

If you believe you were falsely charged with a crime, or were justified in doing what you did, you may be eager to take the witness stand and tell your side of the story. Still, no matter why you find yourself in a criminal trial, you may be nervous… Read More
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Categories: Criminal Defense
Domestic violence law book

5 Common Defenses to Domestic Violence Allegations

If you are facing family violence charges because of a misunderstanding or argument, it can feel like your family and your life are falling apart in front of your eyes. It is important to know that you have options, and that some of the many common d… Read More
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