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Domestic violence law book

5 Common Defenses to Domestic Violence Allegations

If you are facing family violence charges because of a misunderstanding or argument, it can feel like your family and your life are falling apart in front of your eyes. It is important to know that you have options, and that some of the many common d… Read More
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Department of Motor Vehicles building

A Per Se Hearing at the DMV Can Help with DUI License Suspension in CT

Connecticut drunk driving charges mean more than just a criminal record. A DUI license suspension can take away your driving privileges and make it hard to live your life. Find out how an administrative per se hearing at the DMV can protect your righ… Read More
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What You Need To Know About Protective Orders in Connecticut

If you or someone in your household has been involved in a domestic violence incident, you may find yourself suddenly navigating the world of protective orders in Connecticut. Find out what you need to know if a protective order is entered against yo… Read More
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A mock law book on domestic violence next to Lady Justice.

Is the Connecticut Family Violence Education Program Right for You?

When a domestic dispute gets out of hand, you could end up facing Connecticut domestic violence charges. A fight with your spouse doesn’t have to turn into a misdemeanor, or even felony conviction. For first-time offenders, the Connecticut Family V… Read More
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Hand Filling Criminal Background Check Application Form - Expunge Criminal Record Concept

How to Expunge a Criminal Record in Connecticut

Life with a criminal record is not easy. A misdemeanor or felony conviction in your past can make it hard to find a job, rent a home, or get a professional license for your career. If you are struggling to overcome these hurdles you may wonder how to… Read More
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How a Lawyer Can Help Fight Shoplifting Charges

You pushed the limits of authority. You gave in to a compulsion. You got distracted by a cell phone call. Your child acted while you weren’t looking. There are all kinds of reasons Connecticut residents end up facing criminal charges for shopliftin… Read More
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Family Violence Charges:…

Family Violence Charges: What You Need to Know

Some families live in a constant state of high-conflict. Arguments are a daily occurrence and violence is always a risk. In other families, high stress and unusual events can push an otherwise non-violent person to a breaking point of physical aggres… Read More
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When Can You Walk or Driv…

When Can You Walk or Drive Away from Police?

Any encounter with the police can be intimidating. You almost always want it to end as soon as possible. However, if you walk or drive away from police too soon, it could cause more trouble, or even added criminal charges. Find out how your Constitut… Read More
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What Happens After You ar…

What Happens After You are Convicted of a Drug Crime in Connecticut?

Getting caught with drugs by the police can be frightening, but it is only the start of the way a drug conviction can change your life. Find out what happens after you are convicted of a drug crime in Connecticut, from sentencing, to probation or par… Read More
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What Happens if You Drive…

What Happens if You Drive Away from a Hit and Run Accident?

The moment after a collision can be traumatic and panic inducing. However, the decisions you make in that moment – especially whether to pull over or drive away – can change your life. Find out what happens if you drive away from a hit and run ac… Read More
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