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"Jennifer’s Law" Changes Domestic Violence Definition in Connecticut

Connecticut’s domestic violence laws already required those accused of abuse to act quickly to defend their reputation and their freedom. Now the newly adopted “Jennifer’s Law” is changing the domestic violence definition in the state’s fam… Read More
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Mandatory Arrest Laws in Domestic Violence Cases

When household fights get heated, there is a chance that a disagreement will cross the line into domestic violence. If the police are called in response to a domestic disturbance, someone will go to jail. Connecticut’s mandatory arrest laws mean it… Read More
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5 Common Defenses to Domestic Violence Allegations

If you are facing family violence charges because of a misunderstanding or argument, it can feel like your family and your life are falling apart in front of your eyes. It is important to know that you have options, and that some of the many common d… Read More
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What You Need To Know About Protective Orders in Connecticut

If you or someone in your household has been involved in a domestic violence incident, you may find yourself suddenly navigating the world of protective orders in Connecticut. Find out what you need to know if a protective order is entered against yo… Read More
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Is the Connecticut Family Violence Education Program Right for You?

When a domestic dispute gets out of hand, you could end up facing Connecticut domestic violence charges. A fight with your spouse doesn’t have to turn into a misdemeanor, or even felony conviction. For first-time offenders, the Connecticut Family V… Read More
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Family Violence Charges: What You Need to Know

Some families live in a constant state of high-conflict. Arguments are a daily occurrence and violence is always a risk. In other families, high stress and unusual events can push an otherwise non-violent person to a breaking point of physical aggres… Read More
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Charged with Domestic Violence? You Need a Lawyer ASAP

When family arguments get heated at home, a call to the police can escalate to criminal charges quickly. Finding the right lawyer is important in any criminal case. However, if you find yourself charged with domestic violence, you need a lawyer as so… Read More
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