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Can I Get a DUI as the Passenger Supervisor to a Permitted Driver?

If you have a teen driver in your household, can you treat them as your personal designated driver? Parents of teenagers with youth instruction permits may be tempted to hand over the keys when they have had too much to drink. But will that be enough… Read More
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Department of Motor Vehicles building

A Per Se Hearing at the DMV Can Help with DUI License Suspension in CT

Connecticut drunk driving charges mean more than just a criminal record. A DUI license suspension can take away your driving privileges and make it hard to live your life. Find out how an administrative per se hearing at the DMV can protect your righ… Read More
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When Can You Walk or Driv…

When Can You Walk or Drive Away from Police?

Any encounter with the police can be intimidating. You almost always want it to end as soon as possible. However, if you walk or drive away from police too soon, it could cause more trouble, or even added criminal charges. Find out how your Constitut… Read More
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What a Minor in Possessio…

What a Minor in Possession or DUI Conviction Means to College Students

College is a time of personal exploration for many students. As the first time living away from your parents, you may find yourself experimenting with activities and substances not allowed at home. Alcohol is at the top of many college students’ li… Read More
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