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Armed resident ready to protect themselves against robber

Self-Defense Laws in Connecticut

Self-defense is one of the most common defenses to charges of assault and battery. It is an affirmative defense, which means you acknowledge that you committed the allegedly criminal acts but are telling the court your use of force was justified to p… Read More
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Handcuffed suspect being arrested by police at night

What to Do if You're Arrested

Getting arrested is a scary and traumatic experience. Being placed under arrest is a confusing and high-stress situation, and it can be challenging to know what to do. Understanding your rights and knowing what to do if you’re arrested can help min… Read More
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Witness addressing the courtroom in a trial

Should A Defendant Testify at Trial?

When you have been accused of a crime, it is natural to want to defend yourself and explain why you are innocent. So when people ask, “Should a defendant testify at trial?” many are surprised to learn that, in all but a few limited circumstances,… Read More
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Defendant in proper court attire in front of a judge in a court.

The Importance of Proper Court Attire

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” This is excellent advice, but unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily apply in court. The fact is, people will judge you by how you look, and how you dress for court is an important part of your preparation. W… Read More
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Human head on incomplete puzzles. Dementia, memory loss, mental health and Alzheimer concept

How Do False Memories Affect Criminal Cases?

Witness testimony plays a key role in many criminal cases. Yet eyewitness testimony can be surprisingly unreliable. This can be difficult to accept, as most people have strong emotional associations with memories of their life experiences. Yet even p… Read More
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Midsection of a male police officer inserting drug packet in envelope during investigation

How A Drug Recognition Expert Is Used In DUI Cases

When a driver appears to be intoxicated but there is no evidence that they have consumed alcohol, police may call in a drug recognition expert (DRE) to assess whether the driver is under the influence of drugs. The DRE will conduct an assessment that… Read More
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Burglar Breaking Into House concept

How A Lawyer Can Help With Home Invasion Charges

Connecticut’s home invasion law provides zero tolerance for breaking and entering into an occupied home with the intent to commit a felony. Penalties for a Connecticut home invasion conviction are severe and include a 10-year mandatory minimum jail… Read More
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A young woman, being stopped by police at night for a traffic violation concept

Defenses to DUI Charges

Many people facing DUI charges in Connecticut mistakenly believe that they should just plead guilty, accept their punishment, and get on with their life. They do not realize that it is possible to beat a DUI charge and that a lawyer can work to reduc… Read More
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Unrecognizable police officer arrests individual for traffic violation concept

Miranda Rights: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

In 1966, the United States Supreme Court decided Miranda v. Arizona and set a precedent on Miranda Rights, which would affect arrests and criminal prosecutions for decades to come. Ernesto Miranda was a laborer who in 1963 was accused of kidnapping a… Read More
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Judges Gavel

How to Prepare for Your Court Appearance

If this is your first court appearance, especially in a criminal case, you may be nervous about where to go, what to do, and how to behave in court. Here are some tips on how to impress the judge in court, and what you can do to help put on your stro… Read More
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