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How to Handle a Car Accident on Private Property

If you were involved in a car accident, even a seemingly “minor” one, you may have been injured. These injuries can take hours or even days to appear. To protect yourself and your legal rights after any car accident, there are steps you should ta… Read More
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wrong way driving accident

How Common Are Wrong Way Driving Accidents?

Every so often, wrong way driving accidents make the news. Often fatal, these head-on collisions can be jarring to read about and even more shocking when they happen to you. Find out how often cars drive the wrong way on divided highways and other on… Read More
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motorcycle accident

What to Do if You Are in a Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle accident can change your life in an instant. Whether you lay your bike down or are hit by an inattentive driver, the injuries you receive could take years to heal. Many motorcycle accidents are even fatal. Knowing what to do if you are i… Read More
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Bad weather accidents

Auto Accidents Caused by Bad Weather Conditions

Slick roads, reduced visibility, and even temperature can all affect your car’s ability to navigate Connecticut’s roadways. When an auto accident is caused by bad weather conditions it can affect your rights as an injured driver or passenger. Fin… Read More
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Motor insurance claim form

What Will Your Auto Insurance Pay For After a Car Crash?

When you have been injured in an auto accident, medical bills, unpaid household expenses due to lost wages, and even the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle can add up quickly. Find out what your auto insurance will pay for after a car crash,… Read More
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Woman preparing for a bike ride

Bicycling Safely In Connecticut

Bike accidents can easily result in serious personal injury, or even death. When bicycles and cars share the road, it is important that rides and drivers know state laws around bicycling safely in Connecticut. Find out what you should know whether yo… Read More
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What Happens if You Drive…

What Happens if You Drive Away from a Hit and Run Accident?

The moment after a collision can be traumatic and panic inducing. However, the decisions you make in that moment – especially whether to pull over or drive away – can change your life. Find out what happens if you drive away from a hit and run ac… Read More
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What to Do First if You H…

What to Do First if You Have Been in a Car Crash

The choices you make in the moments and days after an auto accident can dictate what will happen in your life for months and years to come. Find out what to do first if you have been in a car crash to make things easier for yourself and your passenge… Read More
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