Civil Litigation

Attorney for Disputes and Lawsuits In Fairfield and New Haven Counties

If you and another individual are involved in a legal dispute in Fairfield and New Haven counties, and you are seeking monetary relief or specific performance from the other party involved, having an experienced civil litigation attorney on your side can ensure you obtain the relief desired.

Whether it is a personal injury matter, automobile accident, business dispute or a dispute in a landlord/tenant matter, The Lebedevitch Law Firm is here to assist you with all your civil litigation needs. From the initial stages of discovery all the way to trial, our civil litigation attorney will be with you every step of the way, keeping you informed, and fighting for you.

Ultimately, we are trial attorneys, and are not afraid to fight for you. We will begin from day one preparing your case with the attention required to file (or defend) a lawsuit in court and go to trial. We will explore all options and advise you of the best possible outcome, but if trial is required to obtain the result desired; we will be prepared.

Free Consultations for Fairfield, Connecticut Civil Litigation Cases

Based in Fairfield, CT, The Lebedevitch Law Firm handles civil litigation cases throughout Fairfield and New Haven counties. Contact The Lebedevitch Law Firm today to schedule your free consultation.

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