Connecticut Premises Liability

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Every day people in Fairfield and New Haven Counties are injured due to a defect in another person’s property, such as faulty stairs, a loose floorboard, or a broken railing. The injuries caused by these defects can be serious and come with many consequences for you and your family. When property owners fail to maintain their premises in a safe manner, they can be held accountable for the slips, falls and other injuries that result from those defects. These cases are known as premises liability cases.

When a property owner’s failure to maintain their premises in a safe manner for visitors results in a personal injury, they can be held accountable in what is called a premises liability lawsuit. Connecticut property owners are required to keep their buildings and premises — including most stores, offices, residential and outdoor areas — up to State and Federal code, keep dangerous animals away from others, and properly inspect their premises to ensure compliance.

If you are injured due to the negligence of a property owner, an experienced premises liability attorney can help you navigate this difficult time and help shoulder some of the burden this accident has caused. Premises liability lawyer Stephen Lebedevitch will complete investigation, analyze all the facts of each individual case, and ensure that the party at fault is held liable to maximize your compensation.

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