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Fairfield, Connecticut Criminal and Civil Litigation Attorney

The Lebedevitch Law Firm, LLC

Your local Fairfield and New Haven County criminal and civil litigation attorney, for experienced, compassionate, knowledgeable representation. The Lebedevitch Law Firm, LLC provides powerful advocacy for the best possible outcome.

The Lebedevitch Law Firm, LLC focuses on providing superior representation in the areas of criminal defense, family law, personal injury, and civil litigation, for all of those in Fairfield and New Haven Counties. We pride ourselves on excellence and having an insatiable thirst for success in our representation of our clients. We do not follow a mold for our cases, because “that is the way it is done.” We question why things are done the way they are, and if there is a better way, we will find it. We constantly update ourselves on new law and trends in criminal defense and civil litigation, adopting and applying those to your case.
When you hire the Lebedevitch Law Firm, you hire a lawyer who cares about you and your story and will do everything in his power to have that story told, to ensure the best possible outcome for you. We know the importance of the little details and how they can make a big difference in court. We take the time to learn about you and your case, and ensure you remain informed throughout the process. We strive for perfection in everything that we do and will provide you with the highest standard of care.
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The legal process is often hard to understand, and in many cases seems like the cards are stacked against you. Fairfield attorney Stephen Lebedevitch brings nearly a decade of experience to his practice to ensure that you never feel like you are lost without answers. Stephen makes you feel like you are the only person in the room, even if you are in a crowd of hundreds.
If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, the first steps have been taken to criminally prosecute you. Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of the process. The State will use its vast resources to tell their theory of the events that lead to the arrest, and if convicted the results can be life altering. A felony conviction can affect your ability to find employment, enroll in school, and provide for your family.
After an arrest for a DUI, many people are nervous and have numerous questions about what to expect next. For this reason, it is important to know the process so you can prepare yourself for what you are about to face. In the initial phase of the legal process, you will understand the offenses charged and begin to gather all the evidence that state has against you. Hiring the right DUI attorney can have significant impacts on the outcome of your case. An attorney will immediately begin to gather all the evidence the state has against you. If there is a video of the field sobriety tests or the booking room, those videos will be requested. Were the proper procedures followed for the administration of the field sobriety tests, or chemical tests? If not, an attorney can bring these issues to light, which may lead to a dismissal of your case.
If you are involved in an automobile accident in Fairfield or New Haven County, your life can change in a split second. The negligence of another person can cause serious injuries and make it difficult to be the person you were prior to the accident. With the ever-growing epidemic of distracted driving, inattentive drivers are causing accidents that will have an impact far beyond the immediate damage to the vehicles involved.
One of the unique aspects of being charged with a domestic violence offense in Connecticut, is that you are required to appear in court the very next business day for your arraignment and protective order hearing. At this initial court appearance, you will be required to meet with a member of family services and asked to make statements about what happened. Anything that you say during this interview can be used against you, which is why having an experienced domestic violence attorney by your side is important. Whether you make a statement, or not will depend on the specific facts of your case.
We provide guidance and support to our clients during a very trying and emotional period of their life. We represent clients in matters of family law, including divorce, property division, alimony, child support and child custody.

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