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Connecticut Personal Inju…

Attorney for Auto Accidents and Other Injuries in Fairfield and New Haven Counties

No one can ever give you back everything you lost when you have been seriously injured because of the negligence of another person. Fairfield personal injury attorney Stephen Lebedevitch will do everything in his power to help you recover financially from medical bills, lost wages, emotional and physical pain, and lives that have been destroyed by the negligence of others.

At The Lebedevitch Law Firm, we provide the utmost care for individuals and families that have been impacted by the negligence of another. Each case is given individual attention, and your specific concerns and needs will be addressed. If you have been involved in an accident, we can help you, and ensure that you receive the full compensation for your injuries.

Work with an Experienced Connecticut Personal Injury Attorney

At The Lebedevitch Law Firm, we use our experience, skill, and reputation as trial attorneys to obtain the best possible outcome for you. We have been involved in the full spectrum of personal injury cases for our Fairfield and New Haven County clients, including:

How a Civil Attorney Helps You

If you have suffered a serious personal injury, you may be entitled to compensation for the actions and negligence of the other parties involved. We know that the most important thing after an accident is your health, and we want to take the stress of any legal action off your shoulders.

At The Lebedevitch Law Firm, we will ease the strain of this tragic situation for you. We will act as your voice with the insurance company and demand full compensation for your injuries. We will gather all medical records, negotiate settlements with the insurance company, advise you if you should accept the settlement, prepare your case for trial, and be available to answer all your questions.

Fees in Connecticut Personal Injury Cases

Fees in most Connecticut personal injury cases are contingency fees. This means that you do not pay unless we are successful in recovering money for your injuries.

Free Consultations for Connecticut Personal Injury Cases

Based in Fairfield, Connecticut, The Lebedevitch Law Firm handles personal injury cases throughout Fairfield and New Haven counties. Contact The Lebedevitch Law Firm today to schedule your free consultation.

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