Woman preparing for a bike ride

Bicycling Safely In Connecticut

Bike accidents can easily result in serious personal injury, or even death. When bicycles and cars share the road, it is important that rides and drivers know state laws around bicycling safely in Connecticut. Find out what you should know whether yo… Read More
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Family Violence Charges:…

Family Violence Charges: What You Need to Know

Some families live in a constant state of high-conflict. Arguments are a daily occurrence and violence is always a risk. In other families, high stress and unusual events can push an otherwise non-violent person to a breaking point of physical aggres… Read More
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Who Can Sue After a Fatal…

Who Can Sue After a Fatal Accident?

When a fatal accident takes the life of a loved one, it can leave surviving family members wondering how they will pay for an unexpected funeral or support themselves with a provider gone. A wrongful death lawsuit can help a family recover damages an… Read More
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When Can You Walk or Driv…

When Can You Walk or Drive Away from Police?

Any encounter with the police can be intimidating. You almost always want it to end as soon as possible. However, if you walk or drive away from police too soon, it could cause more trouble, or even added criminal charges. Find out how your Constitut… Read More
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Landlords Feel the Financ…

Landlords Feel the Financial Squeeze During COVID-19 Shutdowns

The news has been full of reports of how the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19 has been affecting consumers. That includes tenants who are unable to pay their rent because the COVID-19 shutdowns have cost them their jobs. But while consumers are receiving… Read More
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What Happens After You ar…

What Happens After You are Convicted of a Drug Crime in Connecticut?

Getting caught with drugs by the police can be frightening, but it is only the start of the way a drug conviction can change your life. Find out what happens after you are convicted of a drug crime in Connecticut, from sentencing, to probation or par… Read More
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What Happens if You Drive…

What Happens if You Drive Away from a Hit and Run Accident?

The moment after a collision can be traumatic and panic inducing. However, the decisions you make in that moment – especially whether to pull over or drive away – can change your life. Find out what happens if you drive away from a hit and run ac… Read More
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What the Most Common Traf…

What the Most Common Traffic Tickets Mean for Your License

Seeing lights and hearing sirens when you are behind the wheel can cause a spike of anxiety and be the start of a bad day. When traffic stops start to add up, they can cost you in insurance premiums, and driver’s license consequences. Find out what… Read More
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Charged with Domestic Vio…

Charged with Domestic Violence? You Need a Lawyer ASAP

When family arguments get heated at home, a call to the police can escalate to criminal charges quickly. Finding the right lawyer is important in any criminal case. However, if you find yourself charged with domestic violence, you need a lawyer as so… Read More
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What to Do First if You H…

What to Do First if You Have Been in a Car Crash

The choices you make in the moments and days after an auto accident can dictate what will happen in your life for months and years to come. Find out what to do first if you have been in a car crash to make things easier for yourself and your passenge… Read More
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