Serious Felonies

Serious Felonies

Serious Felony Cases in Fairfield and New Haven County

If you or a loved one are charged with a serious felony in Fairfield or New Haven County, involving an experienced attorney early in the proceeding is imperative. An experienced attorney can help you understand the process from the initial investigation to the possibility of a warrant being issued and the court proceedings. Attorney Lebedevitch has handled many serious felonies, ranging from murder to assault.

Having Attorney Lebedevitch by your side from the beginning of the process can help protect evidentiary issues, coordinate turning yourself in if there is a warrant, and support for your and loved ones throughout the process. Attorney Lebedevitch has worked with police during the investigation phase, and ultimately led them to determine that his client did not commit the offense.

Juveniles Charged With Serious Felonies

If you are a juvenile and charged with a serious felony your case may be transferred from juvenile court to adult court. There you will face the potential of a lengthy sentence, probation, and having a permanent criminal record.

Some offenses, such as murder and manslaughter, require the Court to transfer your case to the adult docket. Other offenses are discretionary, and an experienced serious felony attorney can help keep your case in juvenile court.

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